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Orientalische Freuden in Cham geniessen

Wuwei Temple Massage

& Tantra massage

...what is that, actually ?


Our rituals

Sensual touch rituals for your relaxation


Tantra massages

Tantra is the highest form of sensual touch, the experience of one's own body, the increase of pleasure and sensory sensations. Far too often the term Tantra is used in the sense of a sexual service. But this is not the goal of a Tantra ritual. Rather, Tantra is about energy and the (re-)experience of one's own self. A conscious and, for many visitors, a new experience of one's own sexuality that cannot be compared to anything else.

For Tantra you need one thing above all: time. A ritual should last at least 90 minutes so that you can fully enjoy all the sensory stimulation.


WuWei - Tantric Temple Rituals

If you want to take Tantra even further, you'll find the answer here: The term WuWei originates from Daoism, a Chinese philosophy and spiritual tradition. WuWei literally means "non-action" or "action through non-action". It refers to the concept of acting in harmony with the natural flow of life, without unnecessary resistance or forced effort.
WuWei Temple Massage, based on the principles of WuWei, a type of treatment that focuses on intuition, naturalness and flowing with the body's natural energy, rather than fixed techniques or strong pressure. It promotes relaxation and well-being by giving space to and supporting the body's natural energy flow, rather than directly intervening.
The focus of WuWei is on increasing your desire and sensitivity even further before it erupts in a climax, if you want it to.

Our WuWei massage offers women, men and couples a respectful, intense and enjoyable erotic experience in which sexual satisfaction is preceded by an immense increase in pleasure.


Couple rituals

All rituals can also be designed as couple rituals or workshops.

You can choose whether you want to do this with one ritual expert or with two. We will design the ritual accordingly.

We guide you in workshops and you learn to carry out the rituals yourself in a private setting. You learn to increase your own and your partner's pleasure on a level that is hardly possible on your own.

Depending on your preferences, we will design your workshop and offer you a sensual couples experience.

In old age, one only regrets the sins one did not commit.


Yoga and Shibari Tantra

In addition to the classic tantric massages, we also offer a type of soft BDSM tantra, where you are gently tied up. This is more symbolic, but gives you even more of a feeling that you can't and don't have to do anything. You see, the transitions to WuWei "action through non-action" are fluid and sometimes barely recognizable.

We also offer Tantra with Yoga, with the focus on Tantra. We don't just massage you while you're lying down, but we also put you in various gentle yoga positions in which we then massage you.

While you often experience normal tantric massages in the final phase while sleeping and completely relaxed, you may feel slight muscle soreness the next day after a yoga tantric session.

Either way, the positive effects of a tantric ritual often last for days or even longer.

Experience the reawakening of your life energy in a protected environment, whether you are 20 or 80 years old.

Our rituals are intentionless and offer an intense, mental and physical experience

Temple massages

Bring body and mind into harmony

For women

Für Männer

For couples

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