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Festival of Color

What you always wanted to ask...

Here you will find the answers to many questions about Tantra, erotic massages and WuWei

Will I have an orgasm during a tantric massage?

That can happen, but it is not a must. Your orgasm is not the goal of a tantric massage, but if you feel comfortable and relaxed, then you can experience an orgasm.

Am I naked?

Yes, you are naked during the ritual and so that you are on the same level as your masseuse/masseur, he /she is also naked.

Is it warm enough during the ritual?

Yes, it is warm enough and the oil is also pleasantly warm. Your ritual expert will ask you from time to time if you are feeling well and if everything is OK.

Will I have sex during a ritual

A union or oral sex are not part of the ritual. Enjoy the fact that you can receive and concentrate completely on your body without having to do anything.

Do I have to shower?

Hygiene ist uns sehr wichtig. Es wäre daher respektvoll, wenn Du geduscht zum Ritual kommst. Im Anschluss musst Du nicht Duschen, weil wir ausschliesslich schnell einziehende Pflegeöle verwenden, die Du nicht abwaschen musst. Du kannst Dich vor Ort frisch machen.

Can I park on site?

Yes, there are enough visitor parking spaces available and you can reach us discreetly. The building is very quiet and your privacy is protected at all times.

What our customers say


Nadine from Zug

I found the time with you very pleasant and felt like I was in good hands. Your professional and friendly manner immediately dispelled my fears and concerns and I was able to fully enjoy the ritual.
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