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WuWei Tempelmassagen

und Tantramassagen

...wie läuft das eigentlich ab?

No matter whether you are a woman, a man, diverse, or a couple: you can freely choose your ritual and your masseur/masseuse . You are welcome.



This is how your tantric massage works

We are pleased that you are interested in a tantric massage. Tantric massages always take place without contact. Mutual boundaries are always respected. A tantric massage will help you reduce stress, increase physical awareness and improve your relationship with your own sexuality. However, these are things that often occur during a mindful and authentic tantric ritual such as the one we perform. It does not represent a promise of healing or therapy. When you arrive, I will pick you up at the main entrance. Our practice is located in a neutral office building near the motorway and there are parking spaces in front of the building. After the greeting, we begin with a short conversation where we get to know each other and I can find out more about your needs. We drink tea or water together. This takes about 10-20 minutes and is not part of the massage time. Afterwards you can freshen up, take off your clothes and put on one of the Lunghi towels that are ready and go to our Tantra temple. There you will find fragrant, oriental scents, sonorous meditation music and colored light.

The temple is decorated with colorful cloths and curtains and soft floor mats. You will immediately feel comfortable and can relax. We begin the ritual sitting on the floor mat to get you in the mood and arrive. Then you lie on your stomach and I spread your cloth over your whole body to wake up your body through the cloth. When this part of the ritual is over, you lie naked on your stomach in front of me, I am also naked. I begin to massage your whole body with pre-warmed oil (yang side). Your hands and arms, your upper body, your buttocks, your legs and feet. Again and again I will spread the energy over your whole body and charge you with sexual energy. Then you turn around and the ritual continues on the yin side, i.e. at the front. Again you will be massaged and caressed from head to toe with warm oil. I also use aids such as feathers and fans and massage you with my nails and ankles to create a multifaceted experience. You will also be massaged body-to-body. If it is okay with you, which we will agree on in the preliminary discussion, your lingam (penis) or yoni (vagina) and your intimate area will also be massaged in the last third.

The built-up sexual energy can be released in the form of an orgasm, but this is not a must and you can also forgo it, for example to release this sexual energy later with your partner, which will be a particularly intense experience.The ritual will continue to work for some time, several days or longer, and the way you feel in your body will noticeably change as a result. You will feel good and in harmony with your body and your sexuality. You may also fall asleep during the ritual; this is completely normal, as both the ritual itself and the ambience are designed to give you maximum relaxation. After the ritual, I will cover you with your towel and you can bring your body and mind into harmony in the Shavasana position and let the ritual come to an end.You can then get dressed and we will sit down again for a short debriefing. I look forward to your feedback and to seeing you again soon.

This type of tantra ritual will give you more than you can imagine. By sharpening the senses and increasing sensual energies, your body will enter into a relaxed and comfortable harmony that cannot be compared to anything else. Tantra is a ritual that encompasses the whole body and mind, and if used regularly, can lead to an enormous increase in your physical and mental well-being. I look forward to seeing you. Namaste


This is how your Wuwei ritual works

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