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Enjoy captivating moments!

你好 [ni hao]Welcome to the unique W uWei temple massage and tantra rituals at
mytouch Tantra

Welcome to our site for sensual touch and wellness rituals


Forget everything you know about relaxation and recovery.

The revolutionary power of WuWei temple massage and tantric massage

All mammals, including humans, react to touch. Sexuality is our strongest drive. It is possible to ignite sexual energy through gentle touching of the entire body, which becomes life force in our minds together with our imagination. In our opinion, energy and imagination, sexuality and fantasy are the cornerstones of life force with the help of which you can overcome even the deepest crises in your life.

Make an appointment to meet in our studio. We offer mindful and sensual rituals for women, men and couples. Enjoy a tantric massage, a WuWei ritual, a wellness massage, a Shibari massage, a yoga massage and much more.

Chinese New Year [zàijiàn]

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